Supports a safe return to driving after a concussion

Did you know a concussion can affect your driving?

You have to think a lot to drive safely. You have to see what’s around you, think about what to do and then do it. Concussions often temporarily affect thinking abilities and short term memory - both very important to driving. In addition, because the brain has to work so hard when driving, it can trigger or worsen symptoms.

You should talk to your doctor or other healthcare provider about when you can return to driving. It’s different for everyone.

When you are ready, it’s important to follow a stepwise protocol - moving through the steps, returning to the previous step if symptoms are triggered or worsen. For some this process is short for others it can be a longer process.

If you’ve experienced a concussion and are ready to return to driving, our team can help. Contact Us to request this service.

Post Concussion Program